Analytical Method in Teaching Chinese

To learn the Chinese language fast one should follow analytical principles. Despite of the trend of a book the main idea is still the same – to teach the students to speak Chinese! The analysis starts from the text itself. It is broken down into syntagmas with word-for-word translation. Then syntagmas are divided into words….

汉字分解。 Decomposition of the Chinese Character  检  jiǎn  ‘check’ 

木  mù  tree, 十  shí  ten, 一  yī one, 丨  gǔn  line, 八  bā  eight, 佥  qiān  sign, 𠆢  rén  man, 一  yī  one, ツ  xiǎo  small, 丶  zhǔ  dot, 丶  zhǔ  dot, 丿  piě  slash, 一  yī  one,   木十一丨八佥𠆢 一ツ丶丶丿一   More information: and

A Feedback from the Chinese Language Teachers

In responce to my articles about the Chinese character decomposition I am receiving a feedback from the Chinese language teachers.   The requests can be structurized as the following:   There is “something in the Chinese character decomposition”. No time and resources to decompose the Chinese characters. No textbooks with the decomposed Chinese characters.  …

中文成语。 The Chinese idiom. 有志者事竟成

中文成语。  The Chinese idiom.             有志者事竟成 yǒuzhìzhěshìjìngchéng   A really determined person will find a solution. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.   Meanings of the Chinese characters: 有  yǒu  have 志  zhì  will 者  zhě  suffix -ist 事  shì  job 竟  jìng  finish 成  chéng  success   Polina…