A Successful Tool for the Chinese Language Teachers and Learners


The Chinese character decomposition is applied for the sake of teaching purposes. When a Chinese character is broken down to simple radicals and components it looks more understandable to the Chinese language learner. In these components the learner has a kind of associative links with the Chinese character.

It is a fact, that if we do not clearly understand something, our mind rejects these things for memorization. If we understand the structure of the Chinese character up to the final component it will be a true guarantee that the character properly understood and memorized.

Consequently, the Chinese language learner saves a huge amount of time learning how to write the character.

The Chinese character decomposition has been tested in the classroom with my students within many years of my teaching practice. Solid academic scores among my students was the result of the Chinese character decomposition applied as the main teaching method. It always gave a 100% of the students’ study success.

Indeed, what can be simplier and more understandable than decomposition of the Chinese character 名 míng ‘name’!

夕 xī evening

ク dāo knife

丶 zhǔ dot

口 kǒu mouth

冂 jiōng down box

一 yī one


夕ク丶口冂 一

Another perfect Chinese character decomposition example –

Decomposition of the Chinese character  你  nǐ ‘you’:

亻 rén man

尔 ěr you

冖 mì cover

小 xiǎo small

亅 jué hook

八 bā eight


Using Chinese character decomposition as the teaching tool will always guarantee a sound pedagogical and academic success both for teachers and the Chinese language learners!



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